Statecraft covers Governance, ruler and subject relations, revenue of the state, taxation and the means of creating revenue.

Ruler expects regular payment of taxes. He should create opportunities for the people to make wealth by means of agriculture and trade so that they can make regular payments of taxes. The Kural says the subjects should not shirk their duty of paying taxes.

The well maintained state should have plenty of water by way of rainfall and rivers including mountain streams to help the people to produce foodstuffs. This is an aspect that is emphasized in the section on the various attributes of the state.

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Kural says misrule affects rainfall. Lack of rainfall is as bad and disastrous as over rainfall which creates floods.

The first concern of the ruler should be the protection of his subjects.

He should have a strong army, fortifications and military leaders with the will, strategic and tactical experience to preempt enemy attacks.

The Kural gives prominence to espionage. It calls for ceaseless collection of information both from inside and outside the country.

The members of the intelligence wing are sent out individually without knowing the identity of each other.

The information collected is analysed and timely measures taken on it.

The intelligent service is the eye and ear of a ruler. Every known country in the world has it’s own intelligent wing and spends good amount of money of the collection of information. This is the feature that’s common to the past and presents and even to the future.

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