The Kural is the most translated secular work in the world, which deals with ethics, morality and human values. Up to date the Kural has seen translations in eighty two languages including Mandarin, Russian and most European languages.

It is in the form of 1330 brief maxims in two lines of choice Tamil words. It includes the entire gamut of life, love, war, agriculture, trade, dietetics with the strict prohibition pertaining to drink, gambling, killing of animals for food, hunt or mere sport. It has everything like the shelves of a super-market. The reader and the practitioner can make his choice.

Made 2000 years ago the Kural can be read multiple times and each reading adds a new layer to our understanding depending on age, ethnicity and life experience. It is a magnificent repository of love and learning, having a condensation and vigour unmatched by another of its kind. The maxims have an immediacy and relevance to the ages. It has stood the test of time, being one of the select number of works that has withstood interpretations great and small. It’s vitality and universality are well assured.

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